Katy Perry Hits Paris Fashion Week With Her Undies Showing [Shop]13.05.2013 10:06:02
´╗┐Katy Perry Hits Paris Fashion Week With Her Undies Showing Paris Fashion Week continues its celeb-filled second day with a visit from Katy Perry. After landing in the City of Light last night, the Smurf-haired star spent today flitting around the city with a trail of paps and eager fans. Most fans, it seems, were taken with her daytime outfit, which consisted of a perforated white vest, a sheer white dress and a pair of chic undies (yes, such a thing exists) underneath. (UPDATE: the whole look is straight-from-the-runway Vera Wang!) But as much as we love us a good sheer dress-underwear combo, we're crushing hard on the gleaming dress she's wearing right now at Karl Lagerfeld's party for Hogan, the Tod's-owned label for which he designs (because who doesn't Karl design for?). As she said herself, "It's either Las Vegas showgirl hooker, or it's Balmain." Katy Perry on her dress: "It's either Las Vegas showgirl hooker, or it's Balmain." At Hogan dinner.

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